Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Amy: Week Twelve, which has morphed into Thirteen

Sorry for my absence last week. I can't even recall why I didn't post. That's the kinda month I've been having - busy but not sure what is making me so busy.

Weigh-in today and I'm down 2.6 (total lost to date: 33.8). I can't wait to hit that 35 lb mark - I take this five pounds at a time and my up and down rollercoaster has made it tough getting to 3-5!(I'm high-fiving you if you couldn't tell!)

Some good news: I got a Blackberry. (Ryan, at the Cincinnati Bell Store in Crestview Hills was terrific. Hi Ryan!) I know it sounds silly, but I think it's helping me with my weight loss. This weekend at Sam's I made a better choice on granola bars because I was able to calculate the points with Weight Watchers Mobile to make the decision. I've programmed my Jazzercise workouts into my calendar and set it to remind me the night before so I get up and get my clothes ready for the 5:45 am session. Getting into that mindset is half the battle.

So what's working and what's not?


Jazzercise - still loving it! The classes and routines are getting easier. Jazzercise is running a promotion. You partner with another member (HI Maggie!) and if between the two of you, you attend 36 classes by Dec 31st you get a cute little eco-friendly shopping bag. FREE STUFF is a great motivator for me! The instructors are terrific and I can feel my body firming up!

Water - getting it in and then some, especially on workout days

Healthy Food Choices - I'm making good choices and I really feel the benefits in my energy level and endurance.

Points - I'm sticking within them. I'm using more of my weekly flexible points than I'd like, but I think the bump in activity has made it necessary, and I'm still losing. If it ain't broke, right?

Not Working

Dairy - it continues to be thorn in my side. I ran out of Silk Soy Milk last week and the wheels just fell off that bus completely. PLAN OF ACTION: Stop at Whole Foods TONIGHT and get the Soy already!

Walking on my non-Jazzercise days - that was my plan. I haven't stuck to it. I need some activity on those off days. PLAN OF ACTION: Resume walking at lunchtime. The fresh, cold air will do me good!

Weekends - I'll be having the best week and something happens early Saturday morning. I'm bitten by the anti-mojo bug. I stop drinking my water and my point calculations becomes questionable at best. I must get my brain into gear that this is a 7 day a week process. I kick myself when I think how much faster the weight could be coming off if I didn't take a mini-holiday every week. PLAN OF ACTION: Reach out to other people for words of encouragement and a kick in the pants if necessary.

So what's working? What's working you? Think about it and then pick one of the things not working and make a PLAN OF ACTION this week. BABY STEPS! I'd love to hear about it! Next week the Battle Royale begins. It's us against the holiday weight gain. We'll get through and we'll get through together kid!

Those of you who know me, know I'm a little Twitter-obsessed. Twitter was one of the main motivators in getting the Blackberry...yes, I'm that pathetic. Anywho, now I have a good-for-me reason to be on Twitter. @wwtweets started up a couple weeks ago and there are 160 tweeters who are tweeting about their Weight Watchers efforts. Join us! These folks have been just that extra push I need each day to stay focused and make it work!


Regan said...

Yay! Good for you! Yeah, I go back to work tomorrow, so I need to think things trough, as well. You are inspiring, though!

Maura said...

Hi five, for sure! Any good rationalization for using a Blackberry is just fine in my book. ;-)

Luanne said...

Saw your tweet. High Five! Sounds like you are doing great. I'm like you, I know exactly what to do, I just kag out some days. I lost 50lbs last year and within the past three months have gained back 15. I started working on it again last week. Down 2.8.
Smaller portions is working for me. I haven't started exercising again. My water could use some improvement.
Keep it up...your doing great!

AMomTwoBoys said...

Good for you! 33lbs? Will I even recognize you next time we see each other?! :0)

PS. My word verification is "exporsa". Not sure why I think that's significant.