Saturday, March 21, 2009

Laura: Nice Weather, More Effort

Spring's here. I guess I can come out of my cave and start working out again.

I had great intentions during the cold months for getting moving and eating healthy. What did I do? I pouted on the couch and ate comfort food because I couldn't get outside that much (and enjoy it). I'm curious to see if I ever get the motivation to change that.

Anyway, after my first taste of warmth this week, I'm already getting back to my warm weather routine. I'm out walking, getting my bike tuned up, and in a new twist, I'm heading back to pilates class. Went to class today and my body is thankful, and traumatized. Muscles that haven't gotten work in months are feeling it.

I'm also experimenting with different vegetables and grains in my cooking as I continue to work on making my diet less meat filled. I purchased some rutabagas today and some bulgar. I even picked up some tempeh. We'll see how it goes.

Here's hoping my spring enthusiasm lasts longer than my winter enthusiasm for healthy living did.