Thursday, January 7, 2010

Win a Copy of The Spark!

CLOSED: Congrats to Feoshia, Carla & Big Lug Jay!  They were our winners!

I've mentioned before that I am a big fan of SparkPeople, the online site that specializes in helping people achieve a healthier lifestyle.

I first discovered the site back in 2006, and have returned everytime I've needed help getting back into shape and back on the dieting bandwagon.

In December, SparkPeople released it's first book, The Spark, that promotes a 28-day plan for losing weight, getting fit, and improving your lifestyle. I am getting ready to read the book, and to celebrate the launch, we here at Cincinnati Losers have three copies of The Spark to giveaway!

About The Spark:

The Spark: The 28-Day Breakthrough Plan for Losing Weight, Getting Fit, and Transforming Your Life. 
This groundbreaking book will connect the dots between weight loss, fitness, better health and lifelong goal achievement. You'll discover:
  • How to increase YOUR odds of success with the 27 proven secrets of success used by thousands of successful SparkPeople members and 100-pound losers.
  • A 28-day program that distills the best of SparkPeople's tips and advice into a simple, fun, easy to follow program–all new and available only in this book!
  • A special workout program created by Coach Nicole, featuring SparkPeople's 10-minute exercise solution to help you fit in 10 minutes a day!
  •  Delicious SparkDiet meal plans and a mix-and-match meal system that lets you eat more delicious foods that keep you satisfied while losing weight.
  • The Spark's special formula–a breakthrough combination of strategies that will lead to the end of dieting, lasting weight loss and better health.

Win It:
Three lucky readers of Cincinnati Losers will win a copy of the book, The Spark.

To enter, complete any of the following tasks and leave a comment letting us know you did so. Additional entries can be achieved by completing more than one of the tasks ;-). Contest is open to Cincinnati/Dayton residents only (we are the CINCINNATI LOSERS) and ends at Midnight on January 18th.  Winners will be drawn at random using a random number generator.

  1. Leave a comment sharing your favorite weight lost tip
  2. Share your user name
  3. Leave a comment with your favorite weightloss blog(s)
  4. Follow the Cincinnati Losers blog (see right sidebar)
  5. Add Cincinnati Losers to your blogroll
  6. Tweet the following about the giveaway -  Cincy Losers is giving away 3 copies of @sparkpeople's book, The Spark!
UPDATE: I am also giving away 2 copies of The Spark on my personal blog, Mommy Bits. Feel free to enter on both sites! Also, you don't have to live in greater Cincinnati/Dayton to enter the giveaway there.

For those of you who are interested in purchasing The Spark, it is available online at Barnes & Noble, and through Amazon.

A big thank you to the people at SparkPeople for providing us with copies of The Spark to share with our readers!


RadioCarla said...

My favorite weight loss tip is don't give up! If you slip up and eat a doughnut, take an extra walk around your neighborhood. Just keep going. Eat less and move more!

RadioCarla said...

Okay, I'm CarlaGS on SparkPeople. I did Numbers 1, 2, 4 and 6.


LMJ said...

* You can find me at "flyergal" on SparkPeople.
* I'm now an "official follower" of the Cincinnati Losers!
* And one weight loss tip I'm trying is making the switch from soda to water - I've made it 3 days so far!

Thanks & good luck to all on their journeys!

Greekmom said...

I just found your blog and am now a follower.
I'm also trying the tip of cutting out all soda.

Kelly said...

My favorite weight loss tip is to be creative in cutting calories! If it means using light sour cream, having one less cookie, or substituting chicken for beef, I think it's fun to see how I can make my meals healthier without making it taste-less! :)

krtrumpet [at] aol [dot] com

Feoshia said...

My favorite weight loss tip is to keep sweets, junk food, out of the house. Too tempting!

Jay said...

-I Tweeted the tweet
-finally added y'all to my blogroll.
-My best advice is drink water. Lots and lots of water. Even switching from soda to fizzy water.

Kelly said...

- I'm KELLYHUDSON on SparkPeople!

- My favorite weight-loss tip is to fill up on water and lots of vegetables - try to get into the habit of mindlessly snacking on carrot sticks and green beans instead of potato chips.

A lot of people have mentioned switching soda for water - if you drink on weeknights or nonspecial occasions, consider trading in your booze for club soda with lime. It's calorie-free and still feels like a treat.

- One of my favorite weight-loss-related websites is Cheap Healthy Good - it's full of light recipes and interesting links about the state of food (and frugality) today.

- I tweeted about this contest earlier this week!

Mia J. said...

My favorite weight loss tip is to switch up your exercise routine so you don't get bored and to drink lots of water.

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