Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Amy: Week Fifteen* - Steady as she goes

*Here's a funny: I had to look up how to spell fifteen...funny in a "whose gonna take care of me when I completely lose it" kinda way

Here's hoping you all had a nice Thanksgiving.

You know the weight loss bandwagon? Yeah, well I power-vaulted off of that bad boy early. Wednesday thru Sunday are just a blur. The only upside? I did exercise four times last week and that is saying something. Exactly what it says I have no idea, what with my mouth full of crap the other 23 hours of each of those days.

But that was last week and the wagon has come back around to pick me up. I went to my weigh-in today and I'm down 0.4, thrilling me to pieces, but convincing me that my metabolism is bi-polar.

Remember Gwen from last week's post? I hope you read that piece - and the second part because if you're looking for a guidepost in this weight loss journey - she is it! Now, during my workouts when I start to slack off I chant GWEN GWEN GWEN. The other women in class think I'm a whack-a-doodle with a real thing for some chick named Gwen, but hey, whatever gets me through.

Today, during our meeting, someone achieved Lifetime Member status. Norbert started WW about 2.5 years ago. He is now 286 lbs lighter. 286 lbs?! It's nothing short of astounding. What an inspiration.

I'm now gonna alternate Gwen Norbert Gwen Norbert in my chant-thru-my-workout routine. That'll really shock 'em.

My friends over at Does This Blog Make Us Look Fat are doing the "32 Days of Christmas" (weight loss edition). Go check it out - they'll make you laugh enough to burn that second piece of pumpkin pie right off. How you burn pieces three through eleven is your own problem.


Headless Mom said...

Very funny Amy!

.4 loss is nothing to sneeze at. Better than the alternative, right?