Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Michelle: I Quit the Gym (Sort Of)

I hate the gym. Not my gym specifically, which is actually a nice quiet pleasant gym (as far as gyms go). But I hate going. I hate working out on machines I'm not overly sure how to use. I end up just using the elliptical or treadmill and the recumbent bike, and I'm done. I'm also completely freaked out by other people at the gym. I have so little confidence in what I'm doing, I feel like everyone is staring at me and laughing. OK, I know they're not, but I feel like they are. And all those hot moms who have nothing else to do in the summer but hang out at my gym (which is also a tennis club) just intimidate me further.

Last year, I worked with a personal trainer for 6 months. She was supposed to teach me how to use the machines, but she didn't really. She was more into stretchy resistance bands and giant balance balls. Sigh.

About a month ago, I broke out the dusty Wii Fit. I keep hearing how people lose weight using it. I've got to tell you though - I never really worked up much of a sweat with the Fit, although I had a lot of fun. I'm a big fan of the game where my Mii is dressed up like a penguin, diving for fish.

In an effort to perhaps use this gaming system to my advantage, I picked up the Gold's Gym Cardio Boxing game. That's a lot of fun, but it's pretty much just boxing. I enjoy cardio boxing a lot, but I still needed more if I was going to do this every day.

So we went out the other day and purchased EA Sports Active Personal Trainer. It comes with a resistance band and a leg strap for your nunchuk. And it's fun.

I chose to do the 30-day fitness challenge. Every day it's a different series of exercises that work all my muscles. Trust me on that one. The squats and lunges are killing me. I never felt the burn at the gym the way I do with this video game. Did I mention it's fun? I look forward to doing it.

The 30-day Fitness Challenge takes me right down to the wire for Alaska. We leave June 30. I'm hoping that this game, combined with weekly ballroom dancing and occasional hiking, will have me in tiptop shape for both vacation and BlogHer.

So I suspended my gym membership for 3 months. That will give me time to decide what the hell I'm doing.


Andi @ udandi and the craft of money said...

I feel the same way, that people are looking at me probably b/c I'm looking at them trying to figure out how to use the weight machines!

good luck with your new plan!

Robin Feltner said...

I, too, am not a huge fan of the gym atmosphere. My home gym was the second project in my new house...first being the kitchen. It was important for me to have a place to wear as little as I want, and be as uncomfortable as I want while trying to do cardio, strength training, and stretching. And most of gym has a lock on the door!

For me, having a home gym is key to feeling completely comfortable working out, and also working out regularly. Check it out....

Kristen said...

I also hate the gym. I get so bored and don't feel very comfortable there. I've been going to Jazzercise for over a year, and I LOVE it! It's a great workout that's constantly changing. And no one is "watching" you like at the gym.

Miss C's Mom said...

Don't try the Jillian Michaels thing for the Wii. It's horrible.