Monday, March 22, 2010

Waisting Away

I would be downright lying if I told you I got skinny.
But if my pants (and the daily look-at-myself-naked-in-the-mirror) are any indication, I am decidedly slimmer.
This phenomenon started revealing itself several weeks ago, and my doctor confirmed it last week. I've lost about 13 pounds since mid January.

Considering I went to San Francisco for a Restaurant Week-based trip a few days after that initial weigh in, I'm guessing I've actually lost about 16 pounds.
Not exactly chump change.
I haven't been on a scale in five days, but I know I've been extremely good since then, and by "extremely good," I mean:
  • Eating breakfast every morning (usually Special K and skim milk)
  • Taking my Metformin every morning (I'm not diabetic, but I do have insulin issues) 
  • Consistently working fruits and veggies into my diet
  • Relying on treats like fat free cocoa instead of other decadent sweets
  • Restricting my alcohol intake during weekdays
These aren't hard and fast rules, but these are probably a good representation of what I'm doing to trim calories/fat out of my diet.

Next, I plan on working more water into my diet and creating a regular walking program. The weather is turning, after all, and I plan on taking advantage of the sunshine.

No one's gonna steal my sunshine, and thanks to this weight loss, I'm walking on it.