Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Amy: Week Ten - Ick

The scale was surprisingly hateful today - I'm up almost a pound. I'm a little confused and I'm praying this is simply Mother Nature related.

Could my Jazzercising be turning me into a woman of steel so soon? Ha, I don't think so. But it's frustrating because I feel lighter. I know my clothes are looser, so where the hell is this 0.8 hiding? Dirty bastard.

If I posted something now it would be very negative and no one needs that, so I'll sign off for now and try to figure out why the wheels fell off the bus this week.

One good note though. Remember my posts about Lose for Good with Weight Watchers? It looks like over FOUR MILLION POUNDS were lost worldwide during the effort and ONE MILLION DOLLARS will be sent to battle hunger in the US and worldwide.

Til next week...


Susie said...

It's probably just water. Seriously. Go with your clothing... if they feel good then you are doing great. The scale does not always play fair. And you are AMAZING!

AMomTwoBoys said...

That's precisely why I don't own a scale. AND why I'm avoiding my WiiFit. It's going to yell at me and I'm just not emotionally stable enough to take it right now.

Headless Mom said...

If your clothes are looser then you're doing good. Those portions of pounds are small peanuts to what you've accomplished so far.

Anonymous said...

Next week will be better! Sometimes scales are just jerks -- I agree, it's probably just water.

Susan said...

That sucks! I bet next week you'll see a nice drop that more than makes up for it.

TeresaLea said...

They are all right Amy - especially the part about you being amazing!!

At one point in my weightloss, I started weighing once a month because the weekly weighs were so discouraging.

There were a few times where I wouldn't budge for almost 3 weeks, then all of a sudden POOF - 10lbs gone.

I swear scales are the work of the devil (if there is a devil):) not to mention, we are women - which is a whole other ball of hormones and water weight.

Don't lose focus and remember the most important thing is that you are changing the way you think about food and it's purpose in your life - the scale really isn't that important.

miss you!!

Cin Twin1 said...

Do you weigh yourself at the same time of day? I always find I weigh the least in the morning...and throughout the day based on what I eat, sodium intake, fluids, whether I work out or not, my weight can fluctuate sometimes 5 lbs. I would if you are not already doing so make sure you are comparing apples to apples and weighing at the same time of day. Good luck!