Friday, January 1, 2010

"Sparking" Change

Like most people, I am using today as the launching point for my weight loss efforts. Things have gotten more than a little out of control and I now weigh what I did right after I had my youngest.... 4 years ago. It's embarrassing.

I've known for a while that I have been "living la vida loca" when it comes to what I've been eating, but everything came to a head two weeks ago when my boys asked me to take them to the pool. You see, when I went to put on my swimsuit, it didn't fit. It didn't fit. I had just worn it ALL summer and looked great in it, and now I looked ridiculous - squishing out from the openings - in particular the mid-section.

This was my wake up call, my realization that I needed to get my act together and make some changes.

So, how will I do it? What's my game plan?

I am heading back to is an amazing weight loss web site & community that helped me lose 20+ lbs back in 2006. The site is easy to use and connects you with others who are in similar situations. They also have a great calorie tracking tool that you can also access from your iPhone.

If you are on SparkPeople, my username is sd_boyer, I'd love to connect with you. I can use all the support I can get!!

Happy weight loss to you in 2010.

Current weight ~ 160
Goal weight - 135


Cortney @ said...

Go Shannan, I'm rootin' for you! And workin' on my weight loss too :-)

shannanb said...

Thanks Cortney! It's going to be tough - I suck at this, but I am going to try. Have to look good for boating season!

Headless Mom said...

I'm in the same boat. Ugh. I haven't gotten on the scale yet to see how much I want to lose.

Let's do this!

RoseMamie said...

Shannan, Spark did great things for me a few years ago and I let it all go downhill, I am back on the Spark starting today as well! Find me...DaMommasBoys :) It's a fantastic resource, good luck!

ShannanB said...

"Rose" I loved SparkPeople. Will find and friend you!

Susan said...

Good for you, Shannan. I need to get back on the wagon too. Starting ... tomorrow.

Vanisha.Dawn said...

I just joined and my username is FATGRLSLIM! I'm too excited about the possibilities!