Sunday, August 24, 2008

Kate: Final Hours of Debauchery

I really needed this "diet" thing to sink in.

After all, going from eat-and-drink-whatever-you-want to something far more disciplined is, well, a little scary.

So I decided to allow myself a final weekend on the lam.

I haven't really gone buck wild this weekend, but things could change because Sunday isn't even close to being over. Friday night was ushered in with a multitude of sins, including fried calamari and Blue Moon at Black Finn. Then it was on to Newport and my "second residence" in Cincinnati. There, the gang enjoyed bottle after bottle of good wine (and a nice Procecco to round things out) and bags of sinful Sliders from White Castle.

We have no shame.

Saturday morning the Cincinnati Losers gathered for a photo op and then Amy in Ohio and I headed to Findlay Market to scout out the fresh veggies and fruit. We were both limping along with starvation, so I decided to break down and have one of the Taste From Belgium waffles.

I can't remember the last time I had something so delicious.

I stayed in Saturday night and was relegated to my fresh fruit and Lean Cuisines, but am already contemplating my indulgences of today.

Burger Madness at Arthur's? Massive bucket of popcorn at the movies? Maybe (most definitely) a scoop or two of Blueberry Pie ice cream at Graeter's.

Tomorrow is my Day of Reckoning, and I am trying to end this last chapter of myself with a bang.

I signed up for Spark People at the endorsement of some of the other Cincinnati Losers, and am already discovering it's an easy way to self motivate and plod along to a diet plan.

Exercise really sucks in my book, but I'm also planning on packing my lunch and using my lunch break to take a quick walk in Eden Park or around the downtown area.

I am visualizing myself 50 pounds lighter, and I know I can do it if I stick to my priorities and weigh my options in regards to eating, drinking and moving.


Amy in Ohio said...

I'm not even tasting that Blueberry ice cream for fear it will be as delicious as it sounds and destroy me.

Susan said...

Kate, it was so nice to meet you yesterday! Before we started getting fit, I thought I would never again be able to enjoy a Graeter's raspberry chip ice cream or Busken doughnut, or else I'd fall off the fit wagon and never get back on. But guess what? Once I got my healthy habits good and established, I found that I was perfectly capable of handling the occasional ice cream, doughtnut, piece of cake, etc. It's nice not to feel deprived, and still lose weight.

Becky said...

I know this isn't a food Blog but I totally indulged in burger madness (even though not technically) yesterday. :)

I lost 20 pounds using spark people a few years ago... And promptly gained it back when my grandma died four months later. BUT... I liked it a lot and will probably go back to it shortly to get rid of the baby baggage. And that 20 pounds I'd previously lost. ;)

ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

Burger madness hit me last night. I realized if I was going to diet that I needed one last trip to Terry's Turf Club. I will officially start kicking butt and taking names tomorrow.