Friday, August 22, 2008

Introduction: Amy

Mission Possible: I want to look healthy and be healthy. I want to not be the biggest person in the group for once. I want to wear cute clothes and be able to run a 5K without medical intervention. Most importantly, I don’t ever want to pass my eating/fitness habits onto my child and force her to battle her weight like I have nearly all my life.

This is me, Amy (in OHio). I have a two year old daughter who wears me out. Sure, part of that might be the fact that she is a machine and has more energy than a power strip, but part of it is that I’m so overweight, my body can only go so far for so long. That must change.

I hate shopping for clothes. See I’m that in between person: can’t fit in clothes in the normal gal department and can’t really pull off plus sizes because I’m not tall enough and I don’t have enough in the boobal area. There I said it, I’m the weird anomaly of a bigger gal with no real cleavage to draw your eyes away from my double chin and triple hips. I want to enjoy a trip out to get a new outfit - not dread it like the plague.

I’ve always been heavy, big-boned, obese, fat. Whatever you call it or call me, weight has always been an issue. Even when it wasn’t an issue, it was an issue because as soon as I found a little success at the scale during one of my MANY diet attempts, I’d be rewarding myself with a trip to my favorite restaurant or batch of brownies. (Yes, I used to eat brownies by the batch, I was never a good sharer when it came to chocolate.)

After high school (and another twenty pounds or more) I decided to join the Army. You know you have a weight problem when the Army won’t take you until you drop a few pounds. With the help of my recruiter, I was able to get within range and off to boot camp I went.

I was easily the heaviest Private to arrive that hot day in Ft. Jackson, South Carolina. Drill Sergeant Jenkins wasted no time pointing this out to me. With the help of drill sergeants and terrible food, I melted like a stick of butter during those eight weeks. Any of you looking for a quick weight loss regimen - I highly recommend it, but in today’s world, it might be a little extreme for most folks! With the watchful eyes of Sergeants and Commanding Officers, not to mention daily PT, I was the healthiest I’ve ever been.

Immediately after leaving the Army, I went to college. All that health, that took months to achieve and years to maintain, took weeks to destroy. By Christmas time of my Freshman year at school, I had easily gained 25 pounds (freshman fifteen - HA! I’m quite the over-achiever).

I stayed that way, gradually going up a size each year or two until I met my now husband. Around that time I lost every grain of sense I had and started using Metabolite to drop the pounds. It was incredibly effective, albeit extremely dangerous. But that goes to show you how stupid we can be when it comes to our weight and body image. You’re so desperate, quick fixes lure you in and make you believe, even if it damages your long term health in the process.

And it’s ultimately fleeting. Eventually the pills were pulled from the market and without the crutch, I quickly gained the weight back. That about takes us to today.

On my wedding day in 2005, I was slightly smaller, maybe 170.
That would be a nice short-term goal to reach by my birthday in February.

Each of the bloggers here are approaching this from different places - some of us have a lot to lose, some a little. We're each using different plans and approaches to the weight loss. As for myself, I have been using Weight Watchers since January of this year. I have lost nearly twenty-five pounds so far, but I’ve certainly not been as committed as I need to be.

I am 197.4 lbs right now according to my weigh-in this past Tuesday. You might not know it to see me (or maybe you would!), but that is the number. That is the first time I've shared it with anyone, so I might as well share it with the world. My goal is to loss another fifty-two pounds to bring me within my target weight as recommended by the American Medical Association (approximately 145 lbs).

My bigger goal is to be a permanent, healthier version of myself.

With the help of WW, the women joining me here and YOU! I’m more determined than ever to eat less and move more. I hope you’ll join us and we’ll battle our demons together.


ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

I am so excited to be doing this with you. I find you so inspiring.

Anonymous said...

Your enthusiasm totally rubs off on me. Maybe we should train for a 5K? I've always wanted to be able to accomplish a brief running race of some sort. Just over 3 miles -- with some work, we can do that, right?

Julie said...

I've always wanted to try for a 5K. My boyfriend runs. I don't. This is wrong.

anymommy said...

Just wanted to voice my support. I know you can do it and I think it's wonderful that you are making it a goal, for beautiful you and your beautiful daughter!

Anonymous said...

I think each and every one of you are inspiring! Can't wait to watch this journey unfold. Hopefully all of you will give me some motivation to get off my behind and put down the Ben and Jerry's!

Andrea's Sweet Life said...

Go Amy! You can do it, girlfriend!

Kate The Great said...

You are so brave to put your number out there! I don't have the balls to do that... I am so glad we are all doing this together. Y'all are the support system I've been longing for!

katie ford hall said...

Way to go Amy - your honesty and generosity are awesome. I know you'll do it.

Anonymous said...

You are doing wonderful and your 25 lbs is an insipration. Keep up the great work!

Greis said...

I see so much of me in your posts. I lack motivation and will power, though I am working on improving. I too lack in the boobage department, sort of. My doctor likes to tell me all the time "For someone so over-weight you sure are healthy and you don't have the typical boobs for someone your size." Yeah, thanks doc. I love it when people continue to point out my flaws. Not sure if I should be flattered or upset. Continue you on with the great work, and hopefully by Blogher 2009 we'll be smashing!

Regan said...

Good for you! Sign up for a 5K! Once you pay the registration fee, you'll do it. Even if you walk part of it, you'll feel such accomplishment! Plus, then you'll have a time to beat in your next 5K!

Seadolphyn said...

Amy, your story is quite similar to mine. I was in the Army Reserves. I was back at school after basic training and gained those freshman 25, which I had to lose everytime I needed to make weight. I slowly packed on the pounds, especially once I was out of the Army, but did successfully lose it all a year ago or so. I'm now working to get 25 lbs I gained back on, off again. You can do it!