Saturday, August 30, 2008

Laura: A lesson from Dollywood

When this post appeared on this blog I was on my way to Dollywood, where I likely had a some nachos, maybe some funnel cake or a soft serve cone -- and despite the fact I was blowing any pound losses I would have made had I been at home over the weekend -- I'm was perfectly happy with it. After all, it's my bachelorette party weekend. (Yes, I wanted to go to Dollywood for my bachelorette party. Accept me.) I'm spending a weekend with my best friends and my sisters. It's so rare that we're all together, I'm going to enjoy every last minute of it.

I'm writing this on Thursday night before I head out on my trip -- and for the past few days I've been thinking how my post is going to have to be about my failures from the week and my inability to resist temptation while traveling. But, after some reflection, I realize that wanting to enjoy myself and not letting my experience be controlled by food isn't a failure. It's ok to not eat perfectly every day, for every meal. I'll try to make some good choices -- maybe skip the french fries with my burger, have water instead of soda, you know, the little things. I'll be moving around and walking a lot -- more than I do on an average work day. I'll be fine.

When I get back, I'll pick back up on my workout routine. I got a 27-mile bike ride in on Sunday morning, and made a conscious effort to walk a lot more this week, but I never made it to that 6 a.m. spin class, thanks to a crazy schedule this week. For me, I know my route to health is all about exercise -- after all, my 10 pound weight loss has to do with me getting back to my fit weight. Exercise frees me from the guilt that comes from food -- that feeling I get when I know I've eaten too much but it was sooooooo good.

So, as far as eating went, it was a good week. Through Thursday I ate very well and was on my way to a 2 pound loss this week. I'm sure I've negated it.

Weight loss: 0 pounds

Exercise: Not bad, ramping back up.

Mood: Great!

Talk to you next week!


Amy in Ohio said...

I don't care what it says about me - Dolly makes me happy.

I agree - not everyday can be the perfect, healthy day we want. It's what you do the day after or the meal after that matters, right?