Monday, August 25, 2008

Shannan: Week 1

Weight loss Goal: Return to pre-mommy weight of 135.

Well, here I am. Ready to embark on a journey that's rewards are immeasurable. A journey that means no longer cussing under my breath as I try on swimsuits. A journey that means no longer having to suck it in when I get my picture taken. A journey that means feeling better about myself when I look in the mirror. A journey I am so excited to take with these six women that I cannot even find the words to express.

For my first post, in the spirit of sharing and hopefully helping others, I thought I'd share some of the awesome tips for loosing weight that I received from friends when I posted on my weight loss frustrations last week. These are all really simple changes that are easy to incorporate into your day-to-day routine. If you've got some tips that you want to share, feel free to leave 'em in the comments.

Shannon (PhatMommy) said...
I'm in the same boat. One word: WATER. Drink tons. Helps me a lot.
This one is going to be tough. I really don't like water. I went to Kroger this weekend and picked up some low calorie powder drink mix. Made it much easy to start implementing this one!

Sarabeth (I once was HP) said...
Write down everything you eat. You don't have to count points, but write it down with the amounts. Do this for a week and add up the calories. You'll be amazed.
I started this on Friday and it's been great. It's def. helped me think twice before dumping another creamer in my coffee or snacking on another granola bar.

Blogversary said...
When the munchies hit I take at least ten deep breaths before eating what I want and I can usually choose an healthier option or drink water. Did this one last night. Had a huge ice cream crazy, took the ten breaths, and decided on yogurt. Great mind trick.

Headless Mom said...
I lost 10 lb. last year. The things that helped me:-cut down on the coffee-2 cups instead of 5 will take you down A LOT of calories. (I didn't cut it completely out and even still pollute it but I was having 5 cups too.)-cut out soda-yes, even diet. use it as a treat, not an all the time drink.
I started this right away. Did you realize how high in calories flavored creamer is? It's like twice that of plain creamer. I am switching ASAP!

She had more....
Also exercise in any way shape or form that you can. Stairs-yes. Farther in the parking lot? Yes. Once around the block after dinner-even with the little ones in tow will count as getting your butt moving. I love this. All weekend long I've been parking at the far end of the lots. It's such a small thing to do. Also, on Friday I got Laura to go for a walk with me after lunch. We got some quick exercise and we got to check out Downtown - something we don't normally have time to do.

just4ofus said...
Plus, you have to have one cheat meal a week. This was the best comment of all. Knowing that its OK to have one cheat meal a week takes the pressure off and gives me something to look forward to.


Kel Klump said...

Good luck to everyone. I am struggling the same way as most. I am young, 27 just last month, and want to get rid of the weight. I spent most of my post college years eating to get over bad relationships and now that I am in a great one, I am attempting to correct all my eating wrongs. I now spend my days working and attempting to go to the gym. Some days are good and some are bad. I think having someone to do these things with you would be helpful. I started attempting to burn 200 calories, now am up to 500. Yes its long and painful (well I just hate working out) but its a start. I will post more tips when I have them. I am trying different approaches to not get burn out so we will see. Good luck!

Amy in Ohio said...

All great suggestions!

When I'm feeling the urge to splurge (it's the opposite of the urge to purge some gals have), I drink water - lots of water. It fills me up and if nothing else, I'm running to the bathroom - delaying and distracting me from the Pringles I was about to consume.

But the water for me is key - getting those eight glasses a day makes all the difference. And so many other benefits to you metabolism and skin tone. I swear I don't break out nearly as bad if I'm drinking H20 every day.

beverly said...

Feeling your pain Shannan. Not to play the violin, but it's so much harder w/ work, kids, etc. My youngest is 15months & this is it! I did wgt watchers to lose the baby wgt. Now, I'm working on my own to get to my wgt before my 4 1/2yr was born. It's a challenge, but I'm up for it. I've found it's important to not get discouraged, since I've been faithfully working out & watching my intake for 3 wks & no change in the scale. Stay focused & positive! Good luck & I'll be checking in as I continue my healthier me journey.

ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

Kel -
Wow. Burning 500 calories a workout. I don't know from personal experience (ahem..), but that sounds like hard work! Congrats and keep us posted.

Amy - Water is great, but I hate drinking it. I have found if I mix in some low-calorie drink mix, that I can commit.

Amen Beverly. It is so hard to work a routine into routines that you already have. Working, parenting and taking care of the house keep me really busy. I am finding that the little changes are the way to go for me. And about the weight coming off slowly, you know what they say - slow and steady wins the race!
Good luck to you and please keep us all posted.

This site is not just for the seven of us, it's for everyone who needs support and encouragement!

Headless Mom said...

Thanks for the link!

I've started with you guys, well actually last week a little. I'm down 2 lb. so far!

Walked 2 days (2 mi, and 3 mi.), push ups and sit ups. Will walk again tomorrow and Thurs., plus the push ups and sit ups. It's working!