Sunday, August 24, 2008

Last but not least...Monika's introduction

First, a few quick facts about me:

1. I have always been “ a bit heavy”
2. I have no pictures of myself as a teenager. This is intentional. I dodged pictures at every opportunity, including not having a senior photo taken either.
3. I hate the term muffin top.
4. I think it’s mean to tell kids they are big-boned or are “just carrying baby fat”. That may work for Cartman but it doesn’t work for me.
5. I own an arsenal of slimming garments, but ironically no Spanx. The truth is none of them really work. Save your money.
6. I have tried Nutri-System, the smoking/coffee/one meal a day diet, low carb, no-carb and Weight Watchers. All of them worked, sort of.
7. I am a big un-fan of exercise. Except kickboxing, which I like but don’t do.
8. Blogging about losing weight is scary to me.
9. I would love to fit into my Rock & Republic $200 jeans again. Seriously, you spend that kind of money on jeans, you want to get more than one month of use out of them.
10. One of my fashionista goals is to one day fit into a smokin’ hot bikini. Without plastic surgery.

As a girl who loves fashion, loves to travel, is always on the go and secretly loves to be the center of attention, it’s a real PITA to be overweight. To look at me, people will say, “You don’t look overweight. You have such pretty eyes”. Hmmm…last time I checked you couldn’t detect obesity by the appearance of ones eyes. Yes, I know I’m one of the lucky ones that carries weight and hides it well, but you’ll never catch me wearing anything clingy or tight for a reason.

A few years ago I went through a divorce, not particularly messy but heartbreaking all the same, and I lost the most weight I’ve ever lost…I was comfortably in a size 6, and at my lowest, a 4. My friends and family all worried about me, and in a weird turn of events, started encouraging me to eat, instead of encouraging me to diet. Guess what happened? Currently I’m back up to a 12. Ideally, I’d like to be an 8 or a 10. I know it’s doable, but this time, I’d like to do it in a healthy way. I realize this means exercise…which is not something I care to do, so I’m counting on the support of the Cincinnati Losers to help me not only eat less crap food, but workout more. As I write this I am eating my last bowl of broccoli cheese soup with a baguette at Panera…so long old friends…I’ll see you in a few months!


ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

Auh, the last meal. For me it was a bruger from Terry's Turf Club last night.

I am really excited at the prospect of all of us working together. I have great faith in each of us!

Andi said...

It was nice to meet you yesterday! I think I detest staycation only slightly more than I do muffin top, but I do hate that phrase!

Good luck to all the Losers!

Amy in Ohio said...

So great to meet you Monika and be with you on this road!

Yeah us!