Thursday, August 21, 2008

Introduction: Julie

My life is hard.

I have a good boyfriend, I eat lots of good food all the time, I'm somewhat successful professionally.

Man, I was so much thinner when I was unhappy!

In 2003, I weighed about 195 pounds. I had surgery. I lost a lot of weight-- went down to about 165-170. Not bad, right?

(Me in 2002)

I got married in 2004 and was a pudgy bride. No wonder I don't really want to get married again.

Me and my bro

In 2006, I lost about 25 pounds because the only thing I could control during grad school, a divorce and a job search was my weight. I used Sparkpeople (which I will do again), which is great because it's free and really motivational. Did I mention free? Yeah. Free.

smiling before I went out with abby

Look at how slim my face is. I miss that.

Me, drink in hand; or: Not Drunk Yet

(I still needed to firm up, but I was slim. Ish.)

In 2007-2008, I gained almost all of them back. I totally gained the Food Blogger 15, and an extra ten just by drinking too much, eating too much, and working at a sedentary job.

Winged Victory


In talking with the other ladies on this blog on Twitter, we decided to start a blog (in a flurry of tweets that took about five minutes). Here we are. I figure I'll lead by introducing myself and throwing out the "vitals".

I know how I'll lose weight-- diet and exercise. Do the 1200-1500 cal/day Sparkpeople plan with exercise at least three days a week. That's my sore spot-- exercise. Though I have a gym membership, I never go. I'm too busy or too tired or too bored by exercising or whatever. I'll have to change that. I refuse, however, to eat lots of "diet" food. I do often eat Lean Cuisines for convenience at lunch, and will still do that. No donuts. I will still eat out. Portion control and good healthy choices will be my key. Less alcohol, less fried stuff, no stealing Terry's french fries.

Starting weight? 175. I think. I'll check again at home. I'll probably cry. I'm one of those women who people insist looks about 15 pounds lighter than she actually is. I guess that's nice? I feel every ounce of it.

Last time, I got as low as 148. I was pretty OK with that weight. So let's set that as a goal.

Total weight loss? 27 pounds. Doable.

Starting? Now.


Susan said...

Way to go! The first step of admitting you need to lose weight is hard, but the second step of actually DOING something about it -- way harder. You've done both, so there you go. Only 27 lbs? Shoot, you can do that in like 3 months. I still have 36 to go, with 52 already gone. If I can do it, you totally can.

Amy in Ohio said...

Totally doable.

Your openness about your weight inspired me to post mine - my own husband never knew my weight. Now the whole world does.

Good luck to us!

Mikki said...

You always look flawless, regardless of what the scale says. I am proud of how open you are about your weight. More women need to do that to stop this crazy taboo we all have about it.