Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Amy: Week Three - A pox on my house

Call it what you want, I’m calling this week a HUGE SUCCESS - double exclamation point!!

I lost 0.8 lb, for a total of 24.8. Missed that 25 lb mark by inches. I was disappointed at first. I really felt I nailed things this week. I wasn’t as active as I could have been, but my eating stayed steady and controlled. So while I would have preferred 1.8 - I’ll take it.

The reason this week remains a huge success is that the little devil that sits on my shoulder constantly telling me “psss...you’re deserve those M&M’s...we could really use a milk shake...wouldn’t Taco Bell be so good for a midnight snack?” was in rare form since Sunday.

Like most Sundays, the Cribbs Family spent the morning in prayer...at Children’s Hospital. Little Miss Parker had the oddest looking rash which had been gradually growing since Friday. Sunday morning it exploded. Freaked me out. I was convinced we had spiders (deadly poisonous ones of course) or bed bugs (from all that world traveling we do) or a witch had cast some sort of warting spell (if could happen). I should probably mention that I’m not the rational one in times of illness with my daughter. I often have to be talk down from the ledge and I prefer that talking come from a board-certified surgeon whenever possible.

Turns out despite the immunization shot she received, P has chicken pox, atypical chicken pox making her unique, unpredictable and lumpy.

So began our ointment/benadryl/oatmeal bath/stop/rinse/repeat regimen. Add that to the fact Doug ran away from home/had to leave for Indy for work shortly after we received the diagnosis, and you have the perfect storm for this overeater anonymous.

She’s doing quite well - the pox aren’t as full blown (fingers crossed) as they would have been had she not had the shot and the anti-itch options seem to be helping. But man after that third or fourth calamine lotion soaking, the Oreos were calling to me. It was that or drink heavily and I needed to be awake for the next round of gunk on her trunk. Good thing I was too embarrassed to take Parker out in public because we would have spent the day at Aglamesis.

But I stayed strong.

My only real exercise was bench pressing Parker as I checked her for new spots, but I didn’t binge. I made the healthy meals I had planned instead of eating the pound of cheese I really wanted. Luckily, because of my new grocery shopping motto (Don’t have it in the house today, you want have it on your ass tomorrow) there weren’t a lot of things there to tempt me. I did hit the wine from time to time (you gotta give me something) but I didn’t over-indulge and I didn’t mindlessly munch while doing so.

I’m happy - 0.8 is gone - and I proved that I can stay the course even under the most stressing times. So, how did your week go?

No, I have no idea what this picture means.

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PsychMamma said...

You totally rock! I think I would have made some Ghirardelli brownies and dropped M & Ms on top. :-)

My week with eating? Not so great. BUT, I DID start a membership at the rec center at the college 2 blocks from us. I do have to confess that I was sorely tempted to TELL hubby I was going there, but ACTUALLY escape to Starbucks to read Eclipse.....

I didn't though. Now I just need to stick with it. Sigh. Oh, for the days when I could skip a meal or two and drop 3 pounds.....

Monika R. "RedKat" said...

You're amazing Amy! I think I would've cracked big time. I'm glad your daughter is doing well, and that you posted a loss to boot! Go girl!

Domestic Extraordinaire said...

glad you are doing so well with ww!!!

hoping P feels better.

and lastly...chickens in heels?

Anonymous said...

I love your grocery shopping motto. Those are definitely words to live by.

Congrats on making it through such a stressful week!

Maura said...

You done good! You faced some really challenging moments but persevered and conquered the cravings. Yay Amy!

ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

You are kicking butt and taking names. I am very proud. I may have bowed to food pressures under the stress of dealing with POX.

Great work!

ps... I love cheese..