Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Weight Watchers Winners

I am excited to announce the winners of our very first giveaway - two free Weight Watchers Memberships. Drum Roll, Please......

Emily from Mommin It Up & Greisie from Amazing Greis !

Thank you to everyone who entered and to Weight Watchers for offering us this great giveway. We'll be contacting our winners shortly with all the details they'll need to get started.

Stay tuned as we've got more great healthy giveaways coming up!

Shannanb aka MommyBits


Greisie said...

Wow, I never win anything! Thanks!!!!! See Amy, you may have won at football this week, but I'm getting free WW!!!!!

Amy in Ohio said...

Fantastic! I'm glad you got it, now we can talk WW when I'm not kicking your butt in the BFL.

On the upside, the butt-kicking might convert to activity points? LOL!