Thursday, September 4, 2008

Julie: Week 2, and holding fast

I admit, I didn't have a great weekend. Labor Day weekend, having people over, a few too many appetizers, a couple of drinks I shouldn't have had-- all in all I came out? Even.

Not bad. Not totally disenchanting, but not bad.

Holidays and vacations are my total weak spots, thus no difference this week. I mean, come on-- we all know that I have a love affair with food that surpasses simple sustenance and comfort. I'm into the artistry, the history, the science-- you name it. I read Gourmet and Slashfood like some guys read porn. Thanksgiving has become my favorite holiday. So, taking into consideration my obsession with food, I have to combine exercise and portion control. The portion control is much easier than the exercise.

I really need to start exercising. Aside from walking around downtown, I'm not an exerciser. I never played sports. I danced until I was in my teens, but don't feel like taking dance lessons. I have a gym membership (Urban Active) that I rarely use. I have yoga mats and DVDs at home (have you tried to do yoga with cats? Difficult!). I have lots of excuses and little motivation. Exercise bores me.

I'm the kind of girl that always has a book with her. It's darn hard to read while on an elliptical, and I somehow have the mindset that a recumbent bike is lazy. Appreciate nature while biking around? Not my style. Running? Ew. As much as my friends (and boyfriend) tell me they love it, I just can't get behind it. Wii Fit? I'd have to find a Wii. It goes on and on.

So what the heck can I do besides force myself to go? Once I start doing it, will I really ever enjoy it? I never have time after work-- how freaking early do I have to get up?

What does a girl do when the last thing she wants to do is break a sweat?

(Image from V for Virtuoso through Creative Commons license.)


Cin Twin1 said...

For me, exercise is scheduled time just for me. Instead of "working out" I tell myself I am "working in". I do a lot of thinking while I am running and concentrate on how my body is feeling.

Have you made working out a social event? I am meeting a friend for a bike ride this afternoon. We don't really ride fast because we are talking so much, but it still counts as exercise.

I went walking through Friendship Park this morning and ran through the sprinklers. I felt like a kid playing.

My best advice is to change your attitude about working out. If you dread it, avoid it, etc, yeah then you will hate it. Good luck and I am always up for a walk if you need a buddy.

Michelle said...

I HATE working out. It's not even the exercise. It's the gym. Any gym - I've joined many in my time. Once I break free of the personal trainer next week, I'll have to go on my own. I'll feel uncomfortable and like everyone is staring at me. I KNOW they're not, but I feel that way. I even go to a quiet, mostly empty gym where everyone plays tennis and ignores the actual gym part of the place. It's less intimidating for me than say, Better Bodies or Urban Active.
I hate seeing all those wonderfully built women on the machines around me. I feel like a fool.
Anyway, we'll both have to force ourselves to workout more. Maybe we'll even grow to like it?
When the weather cools off some, I'm going to start walking each day and listen to podcasts. Until then ... the gym.

Headless Mom said...

I walk and do floor work (pushups, situps, leg lifts, etc.). The former to get outside, the later can be done in front of the tv. Just starting with a few can help sculpt your muscles and be the visual that you need to keep going. Good Luck!

Monika R. "RedKat" said...

I'm with you. I'm very much anti-exercise, and I take it to the extreme by being anti-sweat. I feel like a klutz around the machines, and I always feel that everyone's evaluating me at the gym. I'm not sure what a good answer is, but I've let a million other things be an excuse why I don't work out.

Kelly said...

My three ideas are:

- Get a workout buddy. It's amazing how easy it is to skip a solo workout compared to one someone else is depending on you for.

- Join a sports team and make your workout a social activity.

- If you have an iPod, load it with audiobooks, comedy albums and podcasts. I could never run with music because it throws off my breathing, but now I look forward to an hour of running because that's my time to listen to This American Life. (This tip also works to eat up the hours on a road trip!)

Amy in Ohio said...

Even through all those years and workouts in the Army, I never "liked" exercise. It was a means to an end and supervised by people who could make my life difficult - thus the results.

I would like to be a liker of exercise, or dare dream a lover, but I don't know what that would take. My first guess is lots of (illegal) drugs and promise of financial rewards.

Maybe I don't have those endorphin-thingie-ma-bobs? Oh, sure I've got more ass than I can manage and double chins for each day of the week, but I'm endorphin-less, anti-endorphin, endorepellent.

This isn't helping, is it? I'll shut-up now.

Cin Twin1 said...

Oh I got a couple more tips:

1. If I can't get outside for a run, bike, or walk, I then go to the gym. BUT I save all of my magazines that I get in the mail to read on the cardio equipment. It is kind of like a treat for myself. Magazine with lots of pictures are good, not ones with lots of text.

2. Go first thing in the morning. Wear your workout gear to bed if you have to. (I really do this!). Get it out of the way in the morning else by the evening you can think of reasons not to go or you make plans, etc. I roll out of bed and go while I am half asleep before I can talk myself out of it. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the idea of sleeping in your workout gear. I think that's a great idea.

Have you considered classes at a Pilates Studio? There are often lunch hour mat classes. It's relaxing and you don't sweat enough to feel gross when you go back to work.

Mikki said...
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Mikki said...

I try use the elliptical as a guilt free TV time. ANTM seems less trashy if I am also working out. I know there are some studios that have treadmills and the like set up in front of movie screens, sound like a great idea.
My problem is I hate to sweat. A bit of a problem when you work out!

Holding steady on a holiday is an accomplishment. When you hit your goal weight, holding steady on a decedent weekend is a skill you'll need.

Anonymous said...

I have to admit, I'm one of those girls who loves exercise, in all forms. But even I have days where I'm just bored of it all and don't feel like doing anything.

You mentioned you danced - have you tried bellydancing? Its a great workout, a fun social activity, and all body shapes and sizes can feel good and look good doing it.

I have danced at a couple local schools in the 'nati - I can email you recs if you're interested (or remind me at the next CWB mtg)

the most important thing is to realize that anything that burns calories is exercise - you don't have to be at the gym or running or whatever. So find something you enjoy, and call it exercise!

Anonymous said...

@Michelle - trust me, no one is looking at you or judging you at the gym. If they are, they're a jerk, and screw them.

Robin said...

Do they have saunas or steam rooms at Urban Active? If so, that could be a good jump start. Go sweat out three pounds of water weight...while sitting down. Love that. Losing weight by doing nothing but melting of heat stroke. I'm willing to pay that price. :)

Julie said...

Cin Twin-- I don't mind making it a social activity, but I think I'm still burned on how my ex treated both me and exercise-- so as sweet as Terry is about wanting me to run with him, I get this NO NO NO thing stuck in the back of my head. Oy. I need therapy.

Michelle-- ME TOO. On both the insecurity and the "walking when it gets cooler". Which, I guess, is today.

Headless Mom-- I guess I could do curls with a cat. :)

Monika-- yeah. Total klutz. I can run in heels but get me on a treadmill? not pretty.

Kelly-- thank you! I tend to prefer podcasts to anything else, because I don't try to sing along.

Amy- yeah! This high people talk about? Never got it.

Cin Twin-- hi again! I REALLY like the magazine idea, and I also realize that I NEED to exercise first thing in the morning. My social life is WAY too busy in the evenings for me to fit it in. It does help that Terry gets up at the butt crack of dawn, and I get up to see him off.. and then go back to bed. If I just got UP and left with him, I could get the gym in, make it back home and still look pretty for work.

Laura-- Where is Pilates Studio? I'm in Mason during the day.

Mikki-- Since I have to go to the gym for a workout, no trashy TV for me. The only thing that ever seems to be on and good is A Baby Story (to remind me why I'm not having them) and Paula Deen (to make me drool). Bad.

Robin-- now THAT's an idea. :) Work out and then steam. :D