Saturday, September 27, 2008

Monika, Week 5 - Welcome back dear sweater

It’s fall…my most favorite time of the year. The leaves are changing, there’s a slight chill in the air, and oh yes…it’s time to get out all my fall and winter clothes. Sweaters, jackets and turtlenecks oh my! Fall clothes are wonderful. You can get away with not wearing uber-tight things and revealing things. In fact, from a meteorological perspective, you need to layer up to be appropriately attired for the weather. Fall clothes cover you up and keep you warm and are more forgiving and delightfully camouflaging. Fall is when I can breathe a sigh of relief…no more bathing suit anxiety, no more fretting over whether or not my arms look good in a tank top, or wondering if a sundress is too short and shows too much thigh. Nope, my beautiful, amazing fall clothes cover every single problem area. In the past few seasons, the fashion gods have smiled down on us and the swingy A-line shirts that literally make everyone look bad (read: looks like you’re wearing a tent) are very in and everyone’s wearing them. Think you can see a flaw wearing one of those babies? No way.

Almost every single fall I’ve had this moment where I’ll stand in front of a mirror and think about how this year, this season, I’ll be able to diet and exercise from September to April and have a big diva-licious moment in the spring where I reveal a svelte new me. I’ve decided to make a commitment to sincerely trying to do it this season. And, when all of the Cincy Losers succeed with our weight loss goals, I want to see us all wear those darling sun dresses and go to a swanky affair to show off our beautiful selves! No cardigans allowed!


Michelle said...

I hate those swingy A-line shirts though. My inlaws and my own parents are just lying in wait for the pregnancy that's probably not going to happen. I'm petrified that if I wear one of those shirts (in which I seem to look pregnant), a parent will get overly excited and I'll have a "do I look fat?" meltdown.
You know what I like best about fall? Pulling out my leather jackets and my boots. Oh I love my boots!

Anonymous said...

ooohh, I'm with you on this, girlfriend. I adore fall because of the great clothing choices. Fab jackets, cute jeans, high heeled boots, pashmina scarves, etc. Loves it! Bring on the sexy fall clothes and fall colors to match. I'm so ready!


Amy in Ohio said...

I love the smell of turtlenecks in the morning.