Sunday, September 21, 2008

Monika: Week 4, Getting off on the wrong foot

Talk about setting a tone for the week! While we didn't lose power and have any catastrophic damage from the windstorm of last Sunday, it certainly felt like such an unsettled week because of my constant worrying about friends and family. I give myself kudos for not stress eating...partially from willpower and partially because the Kroger lost power and we missed a chance to get our weekly groceries. Monday rolled around, and with it came the stories of people having damage, no power, no way to iron clothes, do make-up and basically prepare for the week. To me it just felt like there was a sort of frantic, nervous energy and emotions were running higher than normal.

By Thursday it seemed that everyone had calmed down, power was slowly coming back on and people were looking towards the weekend and Oktoberfest. I was out on Thursday evening at Bacchanalian Society on Fountain Square, enjoying a beautiful night. As I walked through the crowd, I ran into a guy that I had the misfortune of meeting a few months prior at an Art Museum event. When I had originally met him, he managed to both insult and offend me (in my opinion) so I was less than enthusiastic to see him. Standing there on the Square, I was surprised to hear him say hello, ask how I was, and be perfectly polite. Then, he followed up with an apology for his comments when we initially met...he admitted that he had been drinking that night at the event, realized that he had behaved like an a**. Since I wasn't expecting him to even remember what he had said, I accepted his apology, shook his hand, and moved along.

Between the windstorm and my encounter with this guy, I got to thinking about the idea of getting off on the wrong foot. I know that in a lot of cases we get off to a bad start with people, jobs, and to bring it full-circle, dieting and weight loss. I think the key is to not let a bad start set the course for your destination, no matter what it is. Keeping a positive attitude is another form of willpower, and probably more influential than we credit. I believe that even though this week wasn't a loss week, I am okay with it...I know that life got crazy, I coped and I came out the other side. This is a new week, and I'm going to get off on the right foot.

Overall, I stayed the same this week. No gain, no loss.


Amy in Ohio said...

I wish I was a better wine drinker, those events sound like fun.

This is something I need to be reminded of almost daily. I am not a prisoner of my last failed diet attempt or my last failed exercise plan - not even my last poor food choice. Each meal, each walk is my ticket to a fresh start. It's very motivating to me to think like that.

Kate The Great said...

You bring up a good point. I beat myself up for my mis-steps (too much fun at Oktoberfest, a cocktail on a school night) and feed in to guilt that doesn't have any right to flourish.

And that's when I need to remember that tomorrow is another day, and the next meal is an opportunity to make amends.

So what cocktails are low cal? :)

Anonymous said...

You're so right. Attitude really is everything... and sometimes life gets in the way and ruins the attitude. That's a huge issue for me.

Michelle said...

I keep reminding myself that, as I mess up this diet of ours on a daily basis, that tomorrow is a fresh start.

Oh, we social girls with crazy social lives. September has just been crazy.