Saturday, September 20, 2008

Laura: Two weeks to go and heading backward

It's been a stressful week, and much like Julie, I'm a stress eater. I'm a stress eater deluxe. Shannan totally busted me with a buffalo chicken burrito on Friday -- which was amazingly delicious -- and it helped me forget for a brief moment that my wedding dress is missing! That's right, missing.

And it's not like the alterations people have it -- no, it's two weeks until the wedding and it hasn't even arrived from the dressmaker yet. They keep telling me they will call when it arrives, and they'll check on where it is -- but now that it's more than a week late and I'm getting few answers, I'm starting to get worried. When I get worried, I eat.

I gained a pound this week -- so I have to find some way to deal with the stress of the wedding other than eating burritos and burgers. Ugh.

Oh, and have I mentioned I'm going to have to have this thing altered for sure? How I'm going to do that in two weeks or less is going to be interesting. My waist is two sizes bigger than my bust and hips (not gifted with the curves, this one). And, since my fiance and I are close in height, I'll be wearing flats so I won't be taller -- meaning length must come off.

Somebody, get me a burrito!

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Monika R. "RedKat" said...

Laura! If I can help in any way with the dress situation, please let me know. Just say no to the burrito! Try soy chips and salsa if it's a mexican food thing. :-)

Amy in Ohio said...


Your dress will be found - I bet you have a ETA on it as I type. At least I hope so.

I'm thinking good (burrito-free) thoughts for you!

Kate The Great said...

Oy! What a fiasco.

I would be chowing down on the Ben and Jerry's and Lay's potato chips if I were in your boat.

I think you work downtown - let me know if you ever want to go on a lunch time walk around a few city blocks!

Anonymous said...

Lunch walk sounds awesome! I'm always game for a walk around a few blocks. Hopefully I'll be spending my lunch break tomorrow picking up my dress... but as of 9:15 on Monday night, it's still missing.

Michelle said...

Laura: Oh I remember pre-wedding stress. Make sure you spend a day at the spa in the next two weeks. The whole day.

I promise that altering a dress won't take that long. I bet you don't even have to go all bride-zilla on the seamstress. However, if killing the bridal shop with kindness doesn't work, please go all bride-zilla on them. They better find your dress.

I wouldn't worry so much about that pound either. It could be water, or it could be, with all of your working out, muscle. So it could be a good pound.

Hang in there!