Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Michelle: The Secret to Having a Cocktail (Week 2)

Image from Flickr user cayusa via Creative Commons

As I read our tweets and our blog posts, I realize that many of us worried about alcohol consumption as a source of calories. Since I'm a wine blogger, it wouldn't be in my best interest to stop drinking wine. Or spirits. Or beer. Well, maybe beer.

In fact, I've given up beer, but that's about it.

Over the last year or so, I watched my friend Gabrielle drop a dramatic amount of weight. What was so amazing is that she did it on her own - no support group, no Weight Watchers or Jenny Craig, no Nutrisystem. She used plain old will power, self-discipline, and exercise. She looks great, and she's maintaining beautifully. Now, Gabrielle is a pretty big drinker, but she didn't cut alcohol - not even beer - out of her diet. As she became a smaller sized person, I think her tolerance has decreased, but that's about the only difference. I aspire to be Gabby.

Kevin and I visited a winery the other day, where we had a picnic lunch. We packed cold cut sandwiches - cracked pepper turkey on wheat bread with low-fat cheese - and we purchased a bottle of wine. I drank about 2 bottles of water as we powered through that wine. That, my friends, is my secret.

Even at home, when we're drinking wine or spirits, I'm constantly sipping on water. There are a lot of benefits to this. First of all, water is just good for you and useful in losing weight. Next, it keeps you from over-indulging. Whereas you could have been filling up with wine or beer or martinis, instead you're filling up on water.

Order that martini. But before you order the second one, force yourself through a glass of water. Have a bottle of wine with dinner, but after every few sips, have a drink or two of your water. You'll be amazed at how it fills you up and slows down your drinking. I'm amazed when others don't do this, and equally amazed at how many times in my life I should have done this.

In other news, my last workout session with my trainer is next week. At that point, after having weekly sessions with her since May, I'm breaking free and am going to work out on my own for a month before finishing my final two sessions. Once I'm no longer required to go to the gym to meet someone, things are going to get a lot more complicated. The gym, quite honestly, makes me uncomfortable.

Last I checked (late last night), I lost 6 pounds over the last week. Yay! I suspect it was mostly water weight, but who am I to complain?

A final sort of un-related note: Since you now know that you just need water to successfully get through a night on the town, I want to invite you to a charity wine tasting. All the info is here, but 100% of the proceeds benefit a scholarship in my sister's memory. Pre-registration is required. I'd love to see you there!


Kate The Great said...

Thank you for posting this!!

I do really well when I'm drinking lots of water... but I've never paired the water w/ the liquor.

Thank the Lord - I don't have to give up alcohol after all!

Susan said...

I know you're right about the water drinking. But damn, it makes me have to pee a lot. I hate that.

Monika R. "RedKat" said...

I love this concept. I do drink water, but I always wait till the very end of the night. This is great advice. Amen on the peeing though. Too much is too much.

Amy in Ohio said...

I agree with you, the gym makes me uncomfortable too. It seems like everyone there is already "there" (wherever "there" is). I feel like a fake, never dressed for the part.

Then again, having some equipment in my house, all private and everything isn't doing the trick either.

I guess I'm still trying to find a workable solution there.

Great job on the weight loss this week!

ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

I've been drinking a lot of flavored waters. I just can't do the plain.

The pee thing is irritating as Susan mentions but I try and just think of it as an excercise opportunity - just more walking to the potty!

Anonymous said...

Congrats on the 6 pounds lost! And, great tip on the water.

5chw4r7z said...

Funny you mention beer. Last weekend I was on call, that and a couple other things and for some reason I went through the entire weekend without a beer, unusual for me. But the wild part is I lost 2lbs!
I'm not really concerned with my weight now, just getting in better shape. Just thought that interesting.