Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Michelle: Update (Week 4)

Those of you in Cincinnati know that this has been a crazy week thanks to a freak windstorm last Sunday. The week before that was perhaps my busiest of the year, as we had some sort of dinner event every night.

Sunday morning we took in a movie, where I avoided the movie theatre popcorn, but somehow managed to dive full-throttle into a brunch buffet we found on our way home from the film. Brunch is perhaps my favorite meal, with my favorite food. Even through the power had already started flickering while we were in the restaurant, it was still rather enjoyable. For instance, there were real eggs instead of egg beaters.

Tomorrow is "Cookie Thursday" at my husband's office and I'm about to go spend the afternoon making several dozen chocolate covered cherry cookies. I love to bake, but I tend to put on pounds every time I do it.

The last two weeks have been a lesson in not depriving myself of things, but exercising portion control. Last week I was great about portion control. This week, well, my food choices haven't been that great. With so many grocery stores closed, we ate what was left in the house, which wasn't necessarily the healthiest. I finally made it to Remke's Grocery last night, which had just opened around 3 pm. Their shelves were bare. I've never seen so many people wandering around a grocery store, and we all had fairly empty carts.

My big challenge this week, other than getting back on track with portion control and healthy eating, is working out. (Does picking up branches and cleaning up the yard count?) I have a dance class tonite but I haven't made it to the gym yet. I've had trouble finding the motivation. Honestly, with such perfect weather, I have no excuse not to walk.

Weekly weight loss: 2 lbs
Total weight loss: 8.2 lbs


Amy in Ohio said...

Great job on the 2lbs! Those dance moves will be all the cardio you need I bet!

Anonymous said...

Just found your site via Monika's blog. I work for a site you ladies would love:
It's in Cincinnati, and we're actually the No. 2 weight loss site in the world! I love it (but I'm biased).

Amy in Ohio said...

I didn't realize SparkPeople was based in Cincy!

Julie said...

Sparkpeople is pretty awesome. I'm counting with them now and lost 20 pounds with them two years ago. They rock!