Thursday, September 11, 2008

Julie, Week 3: Work it, baby.

It's obvious: I can only do so much to curtail my social life. I'm the friend you ask about good food, so of course I have to... I don't know, eat it? I'm finding that portion control is my key and five course meals are my downfall-- but not if they're tasting menus and I don't eat it all.

So, coming to the realization that it's fall, and I have a ton of social events starting up, I decided to exercise. Nothing has changed since last week; I still hate it and sort of dread it. However, if I get to the gym BEFORE I go to work, I have no excuse. Terry gets up at 5:45 and I see him out the door by 7. Why go back to bed?

So, this week, I have trudged before dawn to go to the gym. Monday, I went to the Hyde Park Urban Active, which was so packed I gave up-- Monday was my sole "post work" workout because I didn't have anything to do after work. I gave up and went to Bellevue! Bellevue's Urban Active is so nice-- it was crowded, but there were plenty of machines for everyone.

Tuesday, I did my first morning workout. I went back to Bellevue, and it was pretty dead-- I watched The Today Show while I used the elliptical.

Wednesday, I went to Urban Active in Hyde Park. I'm just going to skip Hyde Park and drive up to Mason next time. It's smaller, but it's nicer and the machines aren't all broken. I ended up reading a magazine on a recumbent bike because I couldn't find a working elliptical.

Today, I took a day off-- had some car trouble (silly battery) and wanted to make sure I had time to call AAA. I figure I walked 13 blocks in heels last night, so I got a little extra exercise yesterday.

Other steps I'm taking: If I drink, I limit myself to one glass of wine or one cocktail and then drink water or diet Coke the rest of the night.

I have a wine dinner coming up tomorrow night, and I'll be there with Michelle. I'm going to drink wine, but not the entire glass. I'll eat my food, but not the whole plate. Moderation, moderation.

And I'll be back at the gym in the morning. It actually feels nice getting up so early, and I'm sleeping a lot better.

I lost .5 pounds this week-- despite overindulging. Maybe it's working!


beverly said...

Great job Julie! Getting to the gym is so hard. I found the best thing for me is to actually put it on my schedule. I feel a bit more committed that way. I also like to listen to podcasts or music on my Ipod. Otherwise, I don't always hear the Splendid Table uninterrupted. (This one is hard though, because listening to Lynn Rosetto Kasper's great tips makes me want to eat)!

Keep up the good work on moderation as well. It's not always easy, but it sounds like you are taking the right steps. Just keep your goal in mind.

Anonymous said...

Try the Urban Active by the Biggs on Beechmont. It's probably not as crowded as Hyde Park. It's just across the Beechmont levy from Mt. Lookout, much closer than Mason!

Kel Klump said...

I am a huge fan of Urban Active in Bellevue. I am usually there by 5 on a week night. Although I have a slight injury that is setting me back. I will be back there in a few weeks. I have the privelage of leaving work at 4:30 downtown so I can be there before the rush. It is crowded, but if you ever dont have anything late or early in the morning its empty. Always nice to look out all the windows that early in the morning. I have not attempted classes yet, I wish I had someone to go to them with so I can laugh at myself when I cant figure out the moves but that is for later.
Good luck with the workouts. I feel as if they are habit and I feel much better when I do them. Hopefully it will work for you.

ShannanB aka Mommy Bits said...

Great work getting to the gym. I just can't seem to make that happen yet.

I am with you on moderation. That way you can still enjoy food and not torture yourself watching other's eat it!

Amy in Ohio said...

I forgot to comment last week - but just wanted to I think you're doing a great job.